William E. Duffey

William E. Duffey

Associate Attorney
Knoxville, Tennessee

     Mr. Duffey received his undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, and graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Law in 1983.  Mr. Duffey has worked for DuPont Chemical Company in the Bio-Chemical Division and also held a Residential and Commercial Contractors License with the State of Tennessee for more than 20 years.  Before joining Vaughan and Zuker, Mr. Duffey was a member of Fox & Duffey Attorneys for 5 years.  Mr. Duffey has been a past member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville and served on the Board of various conservation organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Trout Unlimited and Boy Scouts of America to name a few.  Mr. Duffey served as assistant City Attorney for the city of Knoxville for 5 years and represented the City of Knoxville Police Department and Fire Departments.  He is a member of the Tennessee, Knox County, and Loudon County Bar Associations and is admitted to practice before all Tennessee Courts.

     William E. Duffey has over 10 years experience defending clients in criminal matters.  Mr. Duffey has represented clients in numerous areas of criminal law utilizing his expertise in defending accused clients in all State Courts, including but not limited to:

     All drug related cases
     Domestic assault, Order of Protection and sexual battery cases
     DUI, DWI, BUI cases
     Crimes against property and persons including criminal trespass and assault charges
     Juvenile Court Cases
     Violation of probation, and community correction issues
     Disorderly conduct and public intoxication cases

     Mr. Duffey has defended clients in many cases related to sex offenses with considerable experience representing clients who are currently on or have potential to be required to enroll with the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry.